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Special Project: East Jerusalem's Instigator Team

So why does a 13-year-old boy set out to murder Jews? Get acquainted with the faces behind the incitement array fueling the murder of Jews - a special project of Hakol Hayehudi

  • Elchanan Gruner, Hakol Hayehudi
  • ו' אייר תשפ"ג - 08:09 27/04/2023
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In a special project of Hakol Hayehudi, also published in the weekly "Olam Katan", we dive into a selection of the top Arab instigators in East Jerusalem.

The Arab incitement against Jews has been going on for many years and accompanies any Arab person in East Jerusalem since his birth. In mosques and the education system, at home and on social networks, Fatah or Hamas, women and men.

We have brought here a representative sample of the senior instigators who, except for minor actions, do not receive significant treatment from the authorities. The test cases we have brought, such as Akrama Sabri, the Hizb Al-Tahrir organization or Hirak Al-Fahmawi, about whom we have carried out investigations in the past, illustrate the helplessness of the authorities, including the prosecutor's office, the ISA and the police.

After terror attacks, the security system rushes to claim that it was a "lone attacker", but this review will prove to you that behind that a "lone" one is a well-oiled incitement system that includes central activists, organizations and religious figures who glorify terrorists, praise the Shahids and wish for the destruction of Israel and the Jews.

Akrima Sabri - years of incitement without enforcement

If you also ask yourself after the recent attacks, what drives a 13-year-old boy to murder Jews? The answer is Mufti Ahrima Sabri.

When you dive into Sabri's story, you tear your hair out of frustration. This is the most central inciter in Jerusalem in recent decades. Already in the second Intifada, when he served as a Mufti on behalf of the PA, he publicly supported suicide attacks. Sabri is a senior member of the "Muslim Brotherhood", and an official member of the "Charity Coalition" committee of Hamas - a declared terrorist organization, and you will find his figure behind any unrest, war, or riot. Despite this, except for a few investigations or banning orders from leaving the country, the authorities do not lay a finger against him.

In the past year, we exposed incitement after incitement and the  Lavi organization filed complaint after complaint. For example, Sabri participated in the Iranian "Al-Quds Day" conference alongside Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah and the leaders of Hamas and Islamic Jihad, calling for the destruction of Israel. He also went to visit the families of the senior terrorists in Nablus and Jenin and praised them.

Three months ago we published things Sabri said by the family of the terrorist Udai Tamimi who murdered soldier Noa Lazar at the Shoafat checkpoint and became a hero. Sabri praised the virtue of a Shahid, his parents who will be awarded "palaces" in heaven, and declared with no hesitation that if they knew the status of the Shahid, all people would resort to "Shahadah" and carry out Jihad attacks.

The police asked to open an investigation, but the prosecutor's office took about a year of tests and only after a broad public campaign led by us and a change of government, was it approved to investigate him. He was investigated and released and the indictment is still not in sight. A few days ago, Justice Minister Levin stated in response to a question submitted by MK Kellner in the Knesset, that the prosecutor's office will complete the handling of the case in about two months. But wait, the investigation was opened after a year of approvals and inspections, and since then only Sabri's testimony in the police investigation has been added to the file. Why does it take many months to go through one testimony? Excellent question.

And if Sabri looks familiar to you, maybe it's from his selfie with MK Ram Ben Barak's assistant when he was chairman of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee. She attended an extreme course on behalf of the Al Aqsa Association taught by Sabri and Najah Behirat (below).

Musab Abu Arkoub - Hizb Al-Tahrir

Another organization that is almost unknown to the Jewish public but sweeps thousands in East Jerusalem is Hizb Al-Tahrir. The organization advocates the establishment of an Islamic caliphate similar to ISIS, holds huge rallies and its people call for terrorist attacks and a boycott war to destroy Israel. For some reason, for years the authorities have resisted outlawing it, and it is worth noting the efforts of the "For You Jerusalem" organization, which has been demanding this for nearly a decade.

To understand the helplessness of the authorities, you may look at Musab Abu Arkoub - a senior official of the organization who lives in Hebron. About a year ago, we exposed that he participated in a mass rally on the Temple Mount when he entered Jerusalem illegally. At the rally, he and the leaders of the organization called on the Arab countries to go to war to destroy Israel. The Lavi organization filed a complaint against him, but the authorities did nothing.

Later, he expressed support for the attack in Hadera in which terrorists from Umm El-Fahm murdered two police officers. The Lavi organization filed another complaint, but nothing was done. And now we exposed in Hakol Hayehudi that after the massacre in Nave Ya'akov Abu Arkoub came as the head of the Hizb Al-Tahrir delegation to comfort the terrorist's family and praise him.

In practice, with the exception of Sheikh Esmaat Hamouri, who was accused of incitement and is currently under arrest, the other leaders of the organization are securely encapsulated by the systems. We should note that when served as an MK in the opposition, the current Minister of Finance Bezalel Smotritz, appealed to the Ombudsman and the Minister of Defense with the demand to outlaw Hizb Al-Tahrir. Now the ball is in the hands of the right-wing government.

Muhammad Abu Taher Jabarin - Hirak Al Fahmawi

Muhammad Abu Taher Jabarin is an example of the younger generation of the northern faction of the Islamic movement. He is the nephew of Raad Salah, the organization leader, and is currently the head of the Hirak Al Fahmawi movement.

The movement grew in Umm El Fahm, but its influence is also great in Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. In an investigation published by Hakol Hayehudi we exposed its activity growth under the guise of demonstrations against violence in Arab society. The demonstrations, organized at the beginning of 2021, were attended by many leftists and even MKs of the Mertz faction, including former Deputy Chief of Staff Yair Golan.

After enhancing their strength, the organization members instigated a significant part of the riots during Walls’ Guard Operation in 2021, and several rounds of riots on the Temple Mount. Our investigation showed how about 2 hours after the buses of the movement activists started their way to the Temple Mount, riots broke out on the spot. After our investigation, when the police made some preventive arrests in the organization and prevented the organization buses’ movement, the Temple Mount was quiet, which shows that when something is really desired you make it happen.

Against the organization leader, Abu Taher Jabarin, there is a complaint of Lavi organization for incitement, but he still operates freely.

At the Hakol Hayehudi conference, then MK and current Minister of National Security Itamar Ben Gabir spoke and demanded that the organization be outlawed and its people arrested. This issue is also at the doorstep of the decision-makers in the right-wing government today.

Najah Behirat - Hamas and the Waqf

It is impossible not to mention the managing body on behalf of Jordan and with the approval of Israel what is happening on the Temple Mount - the Waqf.

A comprehensive report that combined several of our investigations and exposures showed the extensive involvement of Hamas members within the Waqf and Waqf members involved in incitement and even directly in terrorism.

One of the biggest instigators in Jerusalem is Najah Behirat, the deputy director of the Waqf. Behirat is a well-known Hamas Sheikh who from time to time is removed from the Temple Mount (including these days) but continues with vigorous Hamas activity.

Among other things, the police suspect that Behirat organized the course given by the senior Waqf terrorist Fadi Abu Shahidam. Abu Shahidam is another example of the mechanism of incitement and attacks. He was known as an instigating Hamas Sheikh from Shoafat, he was at the top of the Waqf, and he gave a course to dozens of women, including female Waqf guards, in which he conveyed extreme content regarding "Ribbat" - the Islamic hold onto the Temple Mount. Three months after the end of the course, he went on a mission to kill Jews and shot Eliyahu Kay near the Temple Mount to death.

Another figure that illustrates the Waqf's involvement in terrorism is Fadi Aliyan, the head of the Waqf's guards who is currently serving a prison sentence for his involvement in shooting attacks on police officers in Issawiya. He has also been known for years as a central instigator.

Israel is very wary of acting against the Waqf for fear of risking the relationship with Jordan, which allows a fertile ground for Hamas activity on the Temple Mount precisely through the Waqf mechanism. The waqf managers, including Omar Kasawani, manager of the Al Aqsa Mosque, have led more than one riot, incitement, and more. Everyone is free.

Hanadi Halwani (Makawi)

A central Hamas operative in East Jerusalem, and from the top ranks of the Murabitat. An instigator at various Hamas conferences in Israel and abroad for the war on "Al-Aqsa". In recent years, she has been interrogated several times and administrative restrictions have been imposed on her, a number of orders prohibiting her from leaving the country.

Khadija Hoays (Abu Galia)

A teacher and a central Hamas activist in East Jerusalem and a senior member of the Murabitat, a member of the Muslim Scholars Union affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood. Together with Hanadi Halwani, she organizes women's delegations to the homes of terrorists’ mothers. In recent years, she has been interrogated several times and various restrictions have been imposed on her, including orders prohibiting her from leaving the country, according to intelligence that she travels for Hamas’ purposes, but she continues the incitement activity on social media.

Assam Amira

A senior member of Hizb Al-Tahrir, a resident of the Tzur Baher neighborhood in East Jerusalem, and a preacher on the Temple Mount. In his sermons, he repeatedly calls on the armies of Islam to liberate Jerusalem through Jihad. In the past, he was investigated following a complaint filed after he praised a Muslim youth who shaved the head of a teacher in France.

Muhammad Hussain

The current Mufti of Jerusalem on behalf of the PA was appointed by Abu Mazen in 2006 after Sabri retired. He led with the Waqf the riots and struggles against the placement of the magnetometers on the Temple Mount and the breaking into the Gate of Mercy. Previously justified suicide attacks "as long as it plays a role in the resistance". About a year ago he called to support the terrorists imprisoned in Israel and to act in any way for their release. Leads anti-Semitic incitement against Jewish visits to the Temple Mount, and visits terrorist families.

Nihad Zugair

A 45-year-old resident of East Jerusalem, one of the leaders of the "Shabaab Al-Aqsa" organization - an organization founded by the terrorist Mosbah Abu Sabih. In recent years, the organization's activists have been one of the main factors in the violent events on the Temple Mount, which included entrenching themselves in the Al-Aqsa Mosque and clashes with the security forces and visitors. Zugair is a soccer player who graduated from Wingate College in Netanya and works as the manager of a sports center in Burj Al-Laklak. An association that deals with strengthening the Palestinian nationalist identity in Jerusalem and Area C. The association cooperates with terrorist elements under the guise of an educational association. The association gave up a donation of 4 million euros from the European Union since it was required to avoid cooperation with terrorist organizations. As part of his position, Zugair has an influence on many teenagers. Zugair's ban on leaving the country was recently extended by another 3 months. As can be seen from the case of Mosbah Abu Sabih who received a ban on leaving the country only 3 months before the attack he carried out in which he murdered the police officer Yossi Kirma and Levana Malihi.

Abed Behirat

Director of the Koran Study Center in Tzur Baher in East Jerusalem, and a central preacher for Murabitun. In recent years, he has been removed from the Temple Mount several times.

Naser Kosh

Head of the Prisoner's Club in Jerusalem and a senior Fatah member in the Old City. He previously served as Faisel Husseini's personal assistant. He is responsible for a support system for terrorists and leads acts to glorify terrorists, distribute certificates of appreciation and arrange receptions for them.

Raduan Amaro

A cleric and guide on the Temple Mount, a leading instigator of the war on the Temple Mount and close to Ra'ad Salah, an encourager and instigator of riots. In recent years has been removed from the Temple Mount several times. Recently, his two parents - Jamal and Zina, Murabitun activists, were interrogated for incitement.

Adnan Rith

The governor of Jerusalem on behalf of the PA. A resident of Silwan, in the past he was responsible for the Tanzim’s activities in the Jerusalem district. Responsible for promoting riots in East Jerusalem on behalf of the PA, involved in the kidnapping of an Arab citizen who was suspected of selling land to Jews in Jerusalem. Rith has been arrested many times and has been restricted in recent years by administrative orders such as house arrest where he currently stays, a ban on entering PA territories as well as contact with the thwarting intelligence and PA personnel. Rith continues his activities through his deputy - Abdallah Siam, who announced after Minister Ben Gvir's ascension to the Temple Mount that "Ben Gvir's attack is similar to Sharon's (Ariel) attack in 2000, and will not go unanswered."

Muhammad Aliyan

A lawyer, a resident of Jabel Muhabar, father of the terrorist Baha Aliyan who carried out the shooting attacks on bus 78 in the Governor's Palace where three Jews were murdered. Since the attacks, he has been lecturing on his son's "legacy", visiting terrorist families, inciting and acting for their glorification. Despite various arrests, Muhammad Aliyan continues his activities.

Sheikh Nidal Siam

A central preacher of Hizb Al-Tahrir in Jerusalem. Calls in his sermons for the liberation of Palestine by the armies of Islam and incites against the presence of Jews on the Temple Mount.


Nur Ragbi

A cleric and Sharia teacher in schools in East Jerusalem, participates in the expeditions of Jerusalem residents to incite throughout the country as Lod before the outbreak of the 2021 riots. He praises terrorists such as Udai Tamimi and the terrorist who recently killed three Jews in an attack near the industrial area in Ariel.


Amjad Abu Assab

The chairman of the Committee for Prisoners' Affairs in Jerusalem, regularly reports and praises the terrorists imprisoned in the prisons. His brother Yaucab Abu Assab was previously accused and sentenced to prison after being appointed to serve as the head of Hamas in Jerusalem.

Atallah Hana

Greek Orthodox Archbishop. A definite Israel hater. Consistently inciting against Israel over the years, he participated together with Akrima Sabri in a conference of the heads of terror organizations sponsored by Iran last Ramadan. Despite a complaint by the Lavi organization regarding contact with a foreign agent, Hana was neither arrested nor interrogated. Recently visited the released terrorist Karim Younes.

Rami Fahuri

Rami Fahuri - a key activist in "Shabaab Al-Aqsa". Lives in Bab Huta in the old city. Fahuri is the son-in-law of the terrorist Mosbah Abu Sabih, the founder of Shabaab Al-Aqsa, who murdered police officer Yossi Kirma and Levana Malihi in Ammunition Hill. He sat in prisons and administrative arrests. Fahuri is an example of the younger generation of Hamas activists in Jerusalem.

Naser Hadammi

A central Hamas operative in East Jerusalem, a resident of Aswana neighborhood who serves as the head of the Committee for the War on “Jerusalem Yehud ". Regularly incites in various media against selling lands to Jews, Jews settlement in East Jerusalem, and Jews’ immigration to the Temple Mount. Hadammi was convicted of raising funds for Hamas activities in Jerusalem. He was frequently banned to leave the country to avoid contact with the Hamas headquarters in Turkey.

Maher Suss

A key activist in the neighborhoods of North Jerusalem, he participated in discussions in the Knesset as director of the national forum of the Arab Parents' Committees, and the vice-chairman of the North Jerusalem Residents' Committee. On his Facebook page, he incites and supports terrorists and Hamas members. About the terrorist Udai Tamimi, he wrote that he "paved the way for those who will come after him." .

Yusuf Abu Sanina

A major preacher on the Temple Mount who regularly incites in his sermons against Jewish immigration and visits to the Temple Mount. In one of his Friday speeches, he incites against Israel, which oppresses the prisoners and destroys houses in Jerusalem. He added that the Muslim nation will protect the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and called on his listeners to fight for the prisoners’ rights and the release of terrorists’ bodies. Also in the past, Abu Sanina's speeches were related to the terrorists’ conditions in prisons and calls to act for their release and fight against Israeli study programs in schools. In the last Ramadan, he threatened that "the policy of the Zionist occupation entity in Jerusalem is reckless" and warned that "the Muslims in the country will not give up a grain of Al-Aqsa" and added that he is sure that the occupation will be removed from the Holy Land and all the prisoners (terrorists) will be released from the prisons.

Raad Dana

Raad Dana is Immam at the Dar Al-Hajrah Mosque in Beit Hanina and formerly the director of the training department at the Muslim Waqf on the Temple Mount. He served as a central figure in instigating and leading the events that led to the magnetometer riots in July 2017 after the murder of 2 police officers on the Temple Mount, and then in the break-in to Bab Al-Rahma\Gate of Mercy compound. He appears as a guest preacher in Sheikh Jarrah, called to participate in the strike at MP Shuafat after the attack carried out by Udai Tamimi and more.

Mustafa Abu Zahra

One of the leaders of Hamas in East Jerusalem serves as the head of the council of Muslim cemeteries in the Waqf, leads struggles against Jerusalem Yehud.

Awad Salaima

A member of the Fatah leadership in East Jerusalem, involved in leading struggles on behalf of the PA in Sheikh Jarrah, Silwan and more. Involved and participates in terrorists’ glorification events. He was interrogated several times about his activities on behalf of the PA and was removed from the Temple Mount and other neighborhoods in East Jerusalem.

Ahed Al Rashek

A member of the Fatah leadership in East Jerusalem, involved in clashes and organizing fights on behalf of the PA and was interrogated several times. Participates in terrorist glorification events. Had been removed from the Temple Mount.

Raad Salah

The leader of the Northern Faction which been outlawed. Raad Salah, who led the "Al-Aqsa in danger" campaign, leads the incitement in Jerusalem, and is called "Sheikh Al-Aqsa" by Murbitans. Salah was convicted of inciting violence and racism and was released a little over a year ago. Salah recently came to the Temple Mount with the delegation of the Surveillance Committee after Minister Ben Gvir's ascension to the Temple Mount and warned "all the occupation's efforts to impose a new reality on Al-Aqsa are doomed to failure, and Al-Aqsa will remain in its location, atmosphere, life and sovereignty, Islamic, Arab, and Palestinian."

Kamal Khatib

Kamal Khatib is Raad Salah's deputy and who filled in for him when he was in prison. Khativ led the incitement that preceded the 2021 riots, and an indictment was even filed against him for incitement during the disturbances. Currently, despite the indictment against him, Kamal Khativ is released without restriction. Recently, Khativ "warned" of an unprecedented escalation "as a result of the occupation aggression".

Hussam Abu Lil

An Israeli Arab resident of Ein Mahal, chairman of the "Party of Loyalty and Reform" - a straw organization established after the outlawing of the Northern Faction, Hussam Abu Lil is involved in terrorists’ glorification events and inciting. He recently participated in the delegation of the Surveillance Committee that came to the Temple Mount.

Muhammad Baraka

Chairman of the Supreme Surveillance Committee of the Arab Citizens of Israel and former Member of Knesset (Hadash). The Surveillance Committee and Muhammad Baraka took a central part in the incitement that preceded the 2021 riots. Baraka regularly participates in receptions held for terrorists and takes part in terrorists’ glorification. In a speech he gave in Ramallah recently he called on the Palestinians to take "more resistance". He recently arrived at the Temple Mount in a special delegation that called on Muslims to "defend Al-Aqsa."

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